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Mistweaver azerite traits ranked

Legion brought us Legendaries, Tier sets and artifact weapons to mix up our gameplay from tier to tier. In BFA we have…. Azerite Traits. Getting trait values from QE Live will always be more accurate than a generic tier list.

More to come. Input multiple items from your bags, and add an optional log to improve accuracy even further. Every Azerite trait in the game stacks in some capacity.

Mistweaver Monk PvP Guide in Battle for Azeroth (Shadowlands 9.0.2)

What stacks with multiple traits? The healing bonus stacks, the TFT cooldown reduction does not. The Vivify bonus healing stacks, the Revival cooldown reduction does not. The amount of haste you get stacks, the proc chance does not. The healing when Life Cocoon expires stacks, the cooldown reduction does not. Both the flat mastery and the secondary stat proc on ally death stack.

The increase to your highest secondary stat stacks, the healing on Arcane Damage taken does not. Castle Nathria Guides are up! Twitter Patreon. Mistweaver Monk Azerite Traits. Raid Traits Dungeon Traits. Font of Life What stacks with multiple traits? Cherish them. Our strongest Mistweaver-only trait in raid, but you only really need one. Uplifted Spirits What stacks with multiple traits? Notes The Vivify bonus heal applies to every target hit by the Vivify cleave effect that is, everyone who has a Renewing Mist on them as well as your primary target.

The Revival cooldown reduction can be tricky to give value to. It can be fantastic if it gives you an extra Revival across a fight or if it lets you better position one of your revivals. So, like a Vegetarian Pizza. Misty Peaks What stacks with multiple traits?

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Rather outclassed by Secret Infusion unless your Haste stat weights is high. It lands somewhere in the middle of the stat proc traits. Not great. Not particularly awful either. So, the same as my University grades. Secret Infusion What stacks with multiple traits? The quantity of stats you get stacks. Notes When using Focused Thunder only the first cast will give you extra stats.

mistweaver azerite traits ranked

The second does nothing. RIP synergy. Averages out to a decent amount of stats.Upwelling Rising Mist. Remember that the Rising Mist build has been separated into its own guide which you can find here.

Full Article: Mistweaver Azerite. Our best mistweaver specific raid traits are Font of Life and Secret Infusion. Use QE Live to take the heavy thinking out of Azerite. Despite Font of Life only being strong as a one-off trait, you will see a lot of them in high parses. You might wonder why this is since it conflicts with both the information given above and gearing tools like QE Live. The stat traits they are often giving up to wear them such as Heart of Darkness add about three times that.

There is not a strong reason to wear triple Font in your best in slot set. In raid your choice is basically always going to be Memory of Lucid Dreams.

We pick it to fit more spells into any given fight, not necessarily to curb mana issues caused through poor spell selection. Vision of Perfection is not optimal at this time. The battle between Formless Void and Unwavering Ward mostly comes down to content type.

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Castle Nathria Guides are up! Twitter Patreon. Mistweaver Monk in Five Minutes. Majors Minors. Ranked from strongest to weakest. Advantages Higher average throughput. Severe, Strikethrough and occasionally Deadly Momentum act as multipliers off each other at high gear levels to further push up the value of your set.

There is crit on the Mechagon ring set, legendary cape and artifact neck so you tend to have higher base crit than base vers.Forgot your password? We cover everything from the basics all the way to min-maxing techniques to optimize your output. The Mistweaver specialisation is versatile, and different talent choices can allow it to fit the requirements of a raid very well.

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Mistweavers can, therefore, heal both tanks and the raid very well. Based on talent choices, Mistweavers can be either unparalleled tank healers with strong area of effect throughput, or damage dealing mobile raid healers. We are maintaining a list of changes for Monks, so you can see what changed between Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands.

The new expansion also introduces new character customization options with Covenants and Legendary Powers, for which we have Monk-specific pages that you can access below. Mistweaver Monks got a few new abilities, as well as some old ones that were previously removed from our kit. On top of that, the Mana costs and throughput of a few of our spells was changed.

mistweaver azerite traits ranked

Expel Harm is now available to all Monk specialisations. If you cast it while using Soothing Mist, then your target will also be healed by an Expel Harm. This spell is really tricky to use correctly. It costs quite a bit of Mana for the healing it does, however if you are able to get good value of it on both you and another target, then it might be worth using. Touch of Death is another returning spell available to all Monks. It works the way it used to before it was changed in Legion, meaning that if your health is greater than your target's, then Touch of Death can be used to instantly kill them.

Not much to say about this; it is just a nice little bit of flavor and a slight DPS boost. Invoke Yu'lon, the Jade Serpent is a new cooldown available to Mistweavers. All Monks now gain the ability to summon their respective celestial, and Yu'lon is ours. For 25 seconds Yu'lon will heal 3 targets at a time with Soothing Breath. Equally, while Yu'lon is active, all Enveloping Mist s you cast will trigger a new effect called Enveloping Breath. This cooldown is very powerful.

The ULTIMATE 8.3 Mistweaver Monk Guide - PVP by Cdew

Making good use of Enveloping Breath is crucial to seeing good results with this cooldown. Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane has been changed pretty substantially. Now this talent will replace Invoke Yu'lon, the Jade Serpent. Like Yu'lon, Chi-Ji will also cause your Enveloping Mists to proc Enveloping Breathso your goal during the duration of this cooldown is to quickly generate and spend as many Chi-Ji stacks as you can, to blanket your group with Enveloping Mist to maximize your Enveloping Breath healing.

Lastly, Chi-Ji also deals quiet a bit of damage in comparison to his previous iteration. If you are interested in playing a Mistweaver, but are not yet at max level, consider taking a look at our leveling guide! Before you start leveling you should consider setting up your addons, to allow yourself some time to become familiar with them. It can be sort of overwhelming to try and set everything up all at once after reaching max level, and once you have already built up some muscle memory.

Feel free to browse our recommended addons page linked below. Like all healers, a Mistweaver needs to have a solid understanding of their spells so that they know which one to use in any given context. Unlike DPS, who can follow a rotation or priority queue, Healers are much more contextual.

Your aim needs to be maximizing efficient casts, to squeeze the most healing out of your Mana bar.

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Spells like Essence Font and Refreshing Jade Wind are incredibly efficient and should be used as much as possible, assuming you will not be overhealing. Renewing Mist is the driver for our "filler" spell Vivifycausing it to cleave onto any target with a Renewing Mist applied to them.Hello, and welcome to the Mistweaver Talent Build discussion where we go over many combinations of talents and how your playstyle should change, as well as reasons for selecting each talent.

You can find an explanation of individual talent rows by Anomoly in his Mistweaver Talents article. In a dungeon, you are the only healer, so you have to do everything yourself. This will involve plenty of sustained single target or tank healing, which means lots of Enveloping Mist casts.

Any time Enveloping Mist enters the conversation on a regular basis automatically makes Mist Wrap and Lifecycles simply the best healing choices. Focused Thunder allows for great flexibility in single target healing or group healing and generally provides more benefit than Upwelling. Chi Burst can be subbed in for extra damage when farming lower keys or if DPS presents the limiting factor in very high keys.

Upwelling has a niche use to aid burst healing by making the double mastery effect from Essence Font last longer, which may be useful at higher gear levels in very high keys. If you are able to have high melee uptime, you can substitute Focused Thunder with Rising Mist. This allows you to extend all your HoTs to make healing easier, while also giving you the ability to do some damage alongside healing.

As mana, target selection, and other healers come into play, talent selection gets vastly more complex. We will be starting at the bottom of the talent tree and working backwards as the and 90 rows are far more impactful than the 15 and 30 rows and the former often dictates the latter. Upwelling provides incredible power in raids. Whenever Essence Font sits off cooldown waiting for the damage to actually happen, Upwelling provides free healing by adding on to the next Essence Font.

Upwelling generally overpowers Focused Thunder on every current raid boss, in every difficulty. We will discuss Rising Mist later.


The above should be your default talent setup going into most raid bosses this expansion. Upwellingas described above, provides a large power boost to Essence Font.

From there, you use Jade Serpent Statue to cover any tank or single target debuff healing. Mana Tea should be used during periods of high raid damage to efficient spam Vivify. Finally, time your Chi Burst casts to pass through the majority of your raid during periods of damage. Remember you can pre-cast Chi Burst so it goes off as the damage hits. Are your tanks dying? Does someone in your raid still think Paladins are the best tank healers in the game?Mistweaver is one of the three healing specs I have played consistently in the last years and the spec I mained for the last couple of tiers during Battle for Azeroth.

This ability is quite powerful and extremely fun to use. Expel Harm - has been added to the baseline toolkit.

Currently, this spell is generally undesirable to use due to quite high mana cost, low healing done and being on GCD. Touch of Death - has been added to the baseline toolkit. A bit of a weird change, which makes JSS less compelling than before due to the drastically increased amount of GCDs required to maintain the channel. A very welcome and good Quality-of-Life change.

Mistweaver Monk Azerite Traits

Leg Sweep - Range increased from 5 yards to 6. Toggle navigation. Guides mistweaver monk azerite traits essences and gear. Mistweaver Monk Patch 9. Written by Dragnio Last Updated: 5th Dec, Some content in this guide is based on beta or early data Updates will be made after raid progress is finished and more accurate information is available. Continue to Talents.Forgot your password? This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to play in a PvP environment.

The guide will cover everything from talent choices, PvP talents, gameplay and rotation, and useful racial bonuses.

Mistweaver Monk Healing Guide — Shadowlands 9.0.2

It is most applicable to Arena content, but most talents and racial bonuses will work in Rated Battlegrounds and skirmishes. Mistweaver Monks in PvP are fun, challenging, and rewarding to play. The style of a Mistweaver is fast-paced with unique offensive abilities; a play style that is unlike any other healer in the game. Sometimes you are forced to get in melee range to cast spells.

This guide has been written by Mysticalla seasoned PvP player who has repeatedly achieved Arena Master and rating.

mistweaver azerite traits ranked

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